Ventify – say goodbye to ballooning!

We want to make life easier for you with ostomy, and give back your control over your life. Ventify is developed by Pysut AB which is located in Mjölby, Östergötland, and consists of Per Ola Post and Signe Post. In addition to Pysut, you can find Per Ola at where he is a Senior Consultant. Signe works as a freelancing graphic designer.

Ventify is for ostomy users who have problems with ballooning. Ordinary people living ordinary lives. People who shop, sleep, ride, or run. According to ostomy nurses, about 10% of all ostomy patients have major problems with ballooning. But a gas-filled bag does not have to be a problem. With Ventify, you can easily ventilate and continue living.

Ventify is currently under development and is not yet available on the public market. If you are an ostomy user who has problems with ballooning, and is also interested in beta testing, feel free to contact us!

The history behind Ventify

The Problem

To understand the history behind Ventify, one must understand that a stomaist gets as much gas in the stomach as a person without a stoma. In addition, certain types of cytotoxic drugs cause very anxious and gas-filled belly. Patients who have had a stoma due to inflamed bowel (Ulcerative colitis (UC), Crohn’s disease (CD)) often have major gas problems.

When the ostomy bag is filled with gas, the risk of it coming loose increases. The bag’s existing (and already insufficient from the beginning) ventilation is easily blocked by faeces. Ostomy nurses estimate that 1-10% of their patients have major problems with gas filling of the bag, so-called ballooning.

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